The Portrait Planets In Time Print

20x28" / 50x70cm

Our solar system doesn't repeat itself; every day is uniquely aligned.

We developed our Portrait Edition print to provide the option of something a little bit more subtle, but still capturing the depth of color that we so love in our Original Edition.

This 20x28" Portrait Edition is out biggest print size, taking the core of our hand-painted artwork, and setting it against a crisp white background to provide wonderful contrast.

🎨 This artwork measures 20x28" (50x70cm UK, EU & Canada)

💎 Printed on thick textured 200gsm Matte Art paper, using archival inks that won't fade.

🖼️ We provide the option to add a classic frame to your purchase, or we can provide a range of ideas of where you can purchase beautiful frames from.

🌎 We work with printing partners around the world to ensure to ensure your print is made as locally as possible, for faster shipping times and a reduced carbon footprint

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